My “Sweet Nothings” – Mis “Dulzuras”


photo 5 copy photo 4 copy

Mississauga-20130706-00544 copy Mississauga-20130706-00541 copy

IMG_8232-1 IMG_8168 copy IMG_8172 copy

Winnie the pooh cake 10298880_1444751042439113_8686857594084790066_n

IMG_7640 copy IMG_7634 copy

IMG_7642 copy IMG_7638 copy

1st  real cake I made Daughter's 3rd birthday

Apple cake Steelers cake

Babyshower cake 1st birthday

Winnie the pooh McQueen cake

Argentina soccer emblem swirly cake

che guevara cake princess cake

Barbie Barbie silhoutte

avengers cake thor hulk

captain america iron man

My first rose Baroque Baroque

IMG_0248 IMG_0232

Lace cake Gumpaste rose

image image image image


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